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Pali Versions: Pali-English and Pali-Devanagri versions are provided within each chapter below.

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(The Book of Pairs)

Yamaka is the sixth book of Abhidhamma. This book is in ten chapters, each dealing with a particular topic of Buddhist teaching: Roots(Mula), Aggregates(Khanda), Bases(Ayatana), Elements(Dhatu), Truths(Sacca/Satya), Formations(Sankhara/Sanskara), Latent States(Anusaya), Consciousness(Citta/Chitta) , Phenomena(Dhamma) and Sense Faculties(Indriya). The treatment is by way of questions and answers: Is X Y? But is Y X? This pairing of converse questions gives the book its name, which means "pair" in Pali. In addition to the identity questions above, the main types are:
For a person (and/or in a place) that X arises/arose/will arise/cease, does/did/will Y ... ? Does a person who understands X understand Y?

Yamaka Chapters[]

1.Yamaka Mula (Pairs on Roots)

2.Yamaka Khandha (Pairs on Aggregates)

3.Yamaka Ayatana (Pairs on Bases)

4.Yamaka Dhatu (Pairs on Elements)

5.Yamaka Saccha (Pairs on Truths)

6.Yamaka Sankhara (Pairs on Formations)

7.Yamaka Anusaya (Pairs on Latent States)

8.Yamaka Citta (Pairs on Consciousness)

9.Yamaka Dhamma (Pairs on Phenomena)

10.Yamaka Indriya (Pairs on Faculties)

Yamaka Text[]

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Link to Yamaka Text

Download/View English Translation[]

The following .pdf files contains all above chapters, click to open then save the .pdf files:

File:Yamaka 1-5.pdf -- First Five Chapters i.e. 1.Mula-Yamaka,2.Khanda-Yamaka,3.Ayatana-Yamaka,4.Dhatu-Yamaka,5.Sacca-Yamaka

File:6.Yamaka Sankhara.pdf--Chapter 6. Sankhara Yamaka

File:7.Yamaka Anusaya.pdf--Chapter 7. Anusaya Yamaka

File:8.Yamaka citta.pdf--Chapter 8. Citta Yamaka

File:9.Yamaka Dhamma.pdf--Chapter 9. Dhamma Yamaka

File:10.Yamaka Indriya.pdf--Chapter 10. Indriya Yamaka

File:Yamaka 1.pdf -- PTS Version of Yamaka containing first 5 chapters-Mula,Khanda,Ayatana,Dhatu & Sacca Yamaka

File:Yamaka 2.pdf -- Ch-5:Sacca-Yamaka-by-Dr.Nandamālābhivamsa

File:KhandhaYamaka-Nandamālābhivamsa.pdf -- Ch-2:Khandha-Yamaka-by-Dr.Nandamālābhivamsa

Original Pali Version[]


Click the link below to access the original Yamaka files in Pali language, the language spoken by Buddha.

Yamaka, Pali