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Dear Wikipitaka Team,

I'm a buddhist lay follower, and I've found your wonderful website while researching the Theragatha. I'm using this "Adapted from the Archaic Translation by Mrs. C.A.F. Rhys Davids" texts in my attempt of translating some of the text into Hebrew. I found especially useful the phrase by phrase explanation of the pail which you have at the end. However, when looking into the original text by Rhys Davis, I didn't see this phrase by phrase explanation. I'm just wondering, for citation purposes, what is the source for this information.

Thank you very much, Daniel.

Dear Daniel, 

Thanks for your interest. I am also an ordinary follower of Lord Buddha & a lay contributor , not part of management team. While searching the net it was frustrating to seek various books in various websites. The ravages of time had scattered various texts . So these  pages here were created in the interest to provide ALL the words of Lord Buddha in one place. Time was short so in many places quality suffers, it is admitted. My intention was not to create literary works of art (for which I am untrained) but only to make it accessible in one place.

As for "Translation by Mrs. C.A.F. Rhys Davids".  It was in old archaic English with many outdated words difficult to understand (as thee , thou , thine etc) so these were changed to modern times, thats why its is written "Adapted from" 

As for your specific query, I would like to tell you that words are in 2 places (in pali language provided as .pdf below in main page of Theragatha) , one is called 'Mula' means root or main, it only contains brief words spoken by the Perfect(Thera) and his detailed story exists in 'Atthakatha' ( Commentary i.e. detailed exposition). You can see that in the English version  of Pali text(Pali pronounced in English)

However the translations were fortunately found in the book "Commentary (Atthakatha) By Acariya Dhammapala"  ( on net I do not recollect. Maybe you can search the source yourself.  So these commentaries (Atthakatha) for each Perfect(Thera) were then segregated & provided separate for each, to the extent available.īpanī_Theragāthā_Aṭṭ.html?id=87YFygEACAAJ&redir_esc=y

I feel happy for your interest shown & especially mentioning yourself as "a buddhist lay follower" . If your interest is in

1. Providing real  translations of words of Buddha : At outset I must say it is impossible. It is because real meaning of spiritual words can only be understood under 2 conditions :  A. in Pali language. B. Practicing meditation. Some people in west had tried to translate but that created more misunderstanding. An example : Lord Buddha is called 'Bhadanta' in pali language in many places, meaning 'bhagavanta' in east (it means Lord/God, fit for a person whose ego merges with supreme eternal nirvanic state)  but some translators called him 'Broken tooth' ('Bha' = broken ; 'danta' = tooth)  Hah ha , totally wrong. Still I encourage you to do it if you can pass these 2 conditions. And still I urge you not to translate Pali specific words such as 'samadhi' (some transators call it 'concentration' but its real meaning is close to superconscious 'trance') , therefore translate only the grammer of sentences. As for Pali specific words , you can provide a detailed dictionary/glossary but sourced from asian pali knowing Buddhist monks from India, Burma(Myanmar) or Srilanka. 

2. Knowing the Truth : The truth is so close, it is within each person, its the very life (prime mover in brain & spine) . Practicing meditation for decades one day you will reach it then suddenly spiritual knowledge will become clear.  I recommend doing Vipassana meditation ( first , after finishing it start focus within brain & spine. The truths informed by Lord Buddha are understood step by step only by knowing the 9 trance states which I have mentioned here :

But for knowing the trance states , the nervous system should be clean i.e. one need be free fron drug addiction, perverted sex or too much sex , violence , killing or hurting others & other moral hazards (5 sheelas required) only then the benign divine will become manifest.

With Metta

Buddhalord (talk) 17:22, July 13, 2020 (UTC)