I'd like to contribute to Wikipitaka. What should I do?Edit

There are many ways! Below are just some of our best ideas, which include many things you can do with minimal effort.

Create new articlesEdit

Creating a new article is often a very useful thing To Do, especially if there are lots of articles linking to an empty page.

Wikipedia articles contain lots of links to other articles. Blue (or purple, if you have already visited them) links represent pages that do exist. Red links (or tan, if you have already visited them) point to pages that don't yet exist. Presumably, whoever created the link thought that an article on the topic should exist. It's possible this was a bad idea, and the link should be removed. It's also possible they made a spelling error or didn't know the correct name for a page on the same (or a more general topic) that does exist. In this case, you could fix the link, and/or create a redirect. If you decide there should be an article at the other end of the link, by all means start writing it!

In addition to looking for red links, you can look at a list of requested articles, and pick one you know something about. (See the section "Where do I start?" below.)

For technical help getting started, see Help.


Don't be surprised if other people edit "your" pages to adapt them to our policies. It's OK to learn as you go along.

Maintenance tasksEdit

There are many things that need doing that don't necessarily involve creatively editing article content. See Wikipedia:Cleaning department for a list of janitorial tasks that we always need help with, the section "Start with a list of things that need doing", below.

Sometimes all your work may even be deleted by some other editor. Just relax. That's just part of life.

Publicize WikipediaEdit

See Wikipitaka:Partners for ideas.

Where do I start?Edit

Start with a list of things that need doingEdit

At the bottom of the Main Page, you will find a table of “Passages in Need”. This is an excellent place to start contributing.

Start on a random pageEdit

Visit a Special:Randompage and jump into the rabbit hole!

Thank you!Edit

Your contributions are what make Wikipitaka possible.