Wikipitaka - The Completing Tipitaka

A Vipassana meditation follower since 1986 with initiation given by the great teacher Ven. S.N.Goenka. Having seen the initial inner-illumination, credit of which entirely goes to the venerable teacher; Reader of Tipitaka with approx 4000 sutta pages created & compiled from various sources. The idea of providing these is not to look at differences, which only cause strife, conflicts & ultimately destruction; rather build bridges & unify using the aspect of subhashita as taught by Lord Buddha.

About Tipitaka : Finally entire Tipitaka is now available here on Wikipitaka, the teachings of Lord Gautam Buddha.

His words have been resurrected in the popular language in entirety after millenia of obscurity, neglect, misunderstanding & sometimes opposition due to him & his path wrongly labelled as atheist though, similiar to other religions which have their own revered heads, he also being revered as the Lord (called bhagwan, bhagwant, bhadant, bhante meaning God). Lord Buddha was the Agatsya Rishi Akitta-Jātaka,Cariyapitaka text. In one of his previous lives he was the Lord Ram of Ramayana according to Dasaratha-Jātaka , Jataka 461. Prior to that he was charismatic Rishi Matanga according to the Mātaṅga-Jātaka, Jataka 497. Rishi Matanga was a Brahmrishi and the guru of Devi Anjana who gave birth to Hanuman deva, one of the most revered. What it means is that Lord Ram was reborn as Lord Buddha and then attained final moksha/nirvana , never to be reborn again.

Also Lord Krishna was his elder brother according to Ghata-Jātaka2, Jataka 464, and as mentioned there, Krishna was later reborn as the Sariputra, the chief disciple of Lord Buddha and then attained final moksha/nirvana.

There are references according to which  ; and also Krishnadipayana Rishi Kaṇhadīpāyana-Jātaka.

Also in Buddhist texts it is seen that Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, Shakra(Indra the king of gods/angels) etc most gods came to seek wisdom of Lord Buddha on the matters of Dhamma/Dharma.

Indra king of gods/angels (known as Sakka/Shakra) consults Lord Buddha : Sakkapanha Sutta

Shiv consults Lord Buddha : SN1-version2 in sutta 102

Brahma pleads with Lord Buddha to teach the path(Dhamma): Mahavogga 1.5

Vishnu consults Lord Buddha: SN1-version2 in sutta 93

So we see Buddhism & ancient Indian religions are intertwined and in accordance(Gotama being the 25th Buddha and according to him, all previous Buddhas were born in Jambudvipa(South Asia) and in future also) which means that all previous Buddhas were the ancient Indian rishis of highest realization. Therefore the people anti & pro of either of these religions should make peace & harmony for growth of all. We see that when this path (of supreme attainment i.e. moksha/nirvana) was glorified, his land, south asia(Jambudvipa), prospered and when it was routed out, when labelled as atheism(nastik), the land was met with ill fate, disintegrated and became subjugated to foreigners for more than thousand years (probably as result of karma) because opposition to highly realized ones causes adverse natural reaction as to Devadatta Dhammapada Verse 17 - Devadatta Vatthu & Kokalika Takkāriya-Jātaka

The words of Tipitaka are so precious because these were spoken from the supernatural (divine) state called Samadhi (Jhana/Dhyan/Zen in Buddhism or self-absorptive trance state) by Lord Buddha, hence it is the first hand knowledge, though translation in English here is not perfect due to want of relevant words in English or due to lack of first hand experiential understanding of  translators whom I suspect may not have had gone through transcendental states themselves.

It is said that there was a prediction that Lord Buddha's teaching will be taught to the entire world in future before ....

It is now fulfilled that entire Tipitaka(word of Lord Buddha) is available to humankind now. Now whether World War happens or any cataclysm or pandemic etc. , let the humankind make a choice between compassion/benevolence & violence/hatred/greed/apocalypse now; when, strangely, war has become a matter of settling differences & also for profit making in modern times, however the fact remains that when fire becomes uncontrolled, it consumes all. Whatever, but it is also hoped that a new era & epoch of higher benign spirituality is also imminent for the good of all to unveil what always existed within each one & connected to the holy universal eternal singularity, the nirvanic state, that which gives life to all living.

Let humankind see sense by practicing of morality & meditation, realise divinity within self and generate compassion towards every creature with the understanding that every one is powered by the same divine light. 

See : (SN15.14): Mata Sutta, (SN15.15): Pita Sutta, (SN15.16): Bhata Sutta, (15.17): Bhagini Sutta, (SN15.18): Putto Sutta,  (SN15.19): Dhita Sutta.

Note: This provider does not claim any copyright to any material. It is provided free because this is what Lord Buddha intended, to freely give & to help all achieve freedom(Nibbana/Nirvana).