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Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

1. At one time the Blessed One was living in Gaya on the bed of sounds, the home of the non-human Såciloma.

2. At that time the two non humans Khara and Såciloma were passing the proximity of the Blessed One.

3. Then the non-human Khara said to the non-human Såciloma: "This is a recluse."

4. And the non-human Såciloma said, "He is not a recluse, he is a minor recluse. I will know whether he is a recluse or a minor."

5. Then the non-human Såciloma approached the Blessed One and bent his body towards the Blessed One.

6. The Blessed One pulled his body away from him.

7. Then the non-human Såciloma asked the Blessed One: "Recluse, do you fear me?"

8. "Friend, not that I fear you, yet a contact with you is not pleasant."

9. "Recluse, I will ask you a question, if you fail to explain it, I will confuse your mind, or split your heart or taking you by the feet will throw you to the other bank of the of the river."

10. "Friend, in this world together with its gods, Màras, Brahmas, the Community of recluses and Brahmins and gods and men, I do not see anyone who could confuse my mind, split my heart or taking me by the feet could throw me to the other bank of the of the river. Yet friend, ask what you desire to ask."

11. "Where do greed and hate originate?

Where do discontent, attachment and fear arise?
And where do thoughts arise and get thrown off,
Like arrows shot from the bows of small boys?"

12. "Greed and hate originate here

Discontent, attachment and fear arise here
Thoughts too arise here and are thrown out,
Like shot arrows from the bows, of small boys.
Born from craving and produced by the self
Like the Maluva creeper born on the trunk of the banyan
Spreads in the forest, thoughts get diffused in sensuality.
Non-human, listen! If you know thoughts and their origin and dispel them
By that you cross the difficult flood, never crossed before."