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Petakopadesa Edit

Introduction Edit

The book was composed by the Buddha's disciple Kaccana (or Kaccayana). Scholars do not take this literally, though the translator mentions that the methods may go back to him as a guide to those who understand the teaching in presenting it to others. Scholars tend to give dates around the beginning of the common era.

The text of the book as handed down in manuscript is very corrupt.
This book was regarded as canonical by the head of the Burmese sangha about two centuries ago. It is included in the inscriptions of the Canon approved by the Burmese Fifth Council and in the printed edition of the Sixth Council text.

There are 8 sections as follows:

  • Ariyasacca Pakasana (display of the Noble Truths)
  • Sãsana patthãna (pattern of the dispensation)
  • Suttãdhitthãna (terms of expression in the thread)
  • Suttavicaya (investigation of threads)
  • Hãravibhanga (modes of conveying in separate treatment)
  • Suttatthasamuccaya (compendium of the thread's meaning)
  • Hãrasampãta (modes of conveying in combined treatment)
  • Sutta vibhangiya (Analyses of Suttas)

Download/View English Translation Edit

The following .pdf files contain the English version of Petakopadesa(though from faded pages) , open it then save the .pdf file:

File:Petakopadesa pts 1.pdf

File:Petakopadesa pts 2.pdf

File:Petakopadesa pts 3.pdf

File:Petakopadesa pts 4.pdf

Original Pali VersionEdit


The following freely available .PDF files were taken from These are from Vipassana Research Institute. These contain the original words in Pali language.
The translation of original Pali words can never convey exact meaning, hence these are being provided for research & comparison. The website also contains files in many other languages.
It is also to be mentioned that in original Pali language Buddha is referred as Bhagava(God), Bhagvanta(God), Sattha/Satthu(Teacher).

Pali-English Version Edit

Mula(Main) Version: File:Petakopadesapali mula.pdf

Pali-Devnagri Version(Sanskrit/Hindi Script) Edit

Mula(Main) Version: File:17.Petakopadesapali-dev.pdf

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