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By Htoo Naing

Chapter 18 - Vipāka Paccayo Edit

Or Vipāka Condition Or Cooked-result Condition Edit

Vipāka paccayoti Vipākā catāro khandhā arūpino annamannam vipāka paccayena paccayo.

In vipāka paccayo or vipaka condition or cooked condition there are 4 vipāka namakkhandhas or 4 mental aggregates namely

  1. vedana khandha or feeling aggregate
  2. sanna khandha or perception aggregate
  3. sankhara khandha or formation aggregate
  4. vinnana khandha or consciousness aggregate.

These 4 aggregates or nama khandhas serve as vipaka condition or vipaka paccayo to each other and also to associated cittaja rūpa or consciousness born rūpa with the exception of 2 vinatti rūpas namely kāya vinatti and vaci vinatti rūpa.

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