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A Manual of Abhidhamma[]

Written by Narada Thera, Vájiráráma, Colombo, Sri Lanka 1978

This is considered a 'must read' for Abhidhamma study. It is also a nice collection of various Pali terms , their meanings and the ideas these represent.

CHAPTER I - Different Types of Consciousness (citta-sangaha-vibhágo)
CHAPTER II - Mental States (cetasika)
CHAPTER III - Miscellaneous Section
CHAPTER IV - Analysis of Thought-Processes
CHAPTER V - Process-Freed Section
CHAPTER VI - Analysis of Matter
CHAPTER VII - Abhidhamma Categories
CHAPTER VIII - The Compendium Of Relations
CHAPTER IX - Mental Culture

Download/View English Translation[]

Manual of Abhidhamma translation in .pdf ; Click to open then save the file:

File:Narada Therava Abhidhammattha.pdf