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(Points of Controversy/Debates)

Kathavatthu is the fifth book of Abhidhamma containing debates on the teachings. The Kathavatthu documents over 200 points of contention. The debated points are divided into four paṇṇāsaka (lit., "group of 50"). Each paṇṇāsaka is again divided, into 20 chapters (vagga) in all. In addition, three more vagga follow the four paṇṇāsaka.[2] Each chapter contains questions and answers by means of which the most diverse views are presented, refuted and rejected. The form of the debates gives no identification of the participants, and does not step outside the debate to state explicitly which side is right.

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Kathavatthu Chapter1
Kathavatthu Chapter2
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Grouping As Per Subject of Discourse
Grouping As Per Dissenting Schools

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Click the link below to access the original Kathavatthu files in Pali language, the language spoken by Buddha.

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