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Errors,Omissions & ExplanationsEdit

Wikipitaka is a collection of translations from various sources. Every translator has one's own style. As a result the suttas appear differently. As a way of correcting these, following are provided :

Blessed One : Buddha, sometimes the word 'Bhagava' or 'Bhagavata' or 'Bhagavanta' is also used which means God/Lord , but all these are ascribed to Buddha.(It is so in Pali language, the language spoken by Buddha and the language of the Theravada Buddhist scriptures)

Well Gone : 'Tathagata' This is also another word by which Buddha was known. 'Tathagata' means a person who went to the other shore and also came back(beyond death / transcendental).

Gotama : Another name for Buddha (it is actually the name of his clan). Sometimes also written as 'Gautam'.

Holy Life : Celibacy or absence of sexual activity. The actual word used is 'Brahmacharya' a word which is widely & commonly used for celibacy in south Asia (especially in India & Nepal). Replacing this word in Wikipitaka with 'celibacy' will make major change, which is the true meaning.

Gone Forth : Gone into Monkhood

Brethren : Monks

Brother : Monk

Religious : The word used is 'Dhamma' which means righteousness, also Law and also the knowledge of the path of Buddha.

Recluses : Ascetics, hermits , monks (generally of sects other than that of Buddha)

Householder : House Dweller; Not a monk; Non-ascetic

Venerable : A term used as mark of respect for an ordained monk

Contemplative : Monk who practices meditation

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