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26. How to save Buddhism from vanishing?[]

Lord Buddha has already informed that the path will vanish

A.Some Possible Causes[]

1. Infighting : Lord Buddha used the word Sangha-bhedha (or schism). It means opposing each other. If different Buddhists oppose views of each other, it will be counter-productive, this should be stopped, rather use encouragement (with compassion). We must remember that all Buddhists have not attained the Arahat state of top achievement, only the perfect Arahats will remain in unison with views. But till then some variation in views may persist. An example :

A person standing at base of mountain will see different things in sight. A person on top will have different view and similarly a person in middle of path will have different views and if they start quarrelling each other and start throwing stones at each other then all will end up with cracked skulls so all may perish. Besides that anger is a great hindrance which needs quelling.

Instead, a person should be told whether there is any other way of doing things or even be informed the exact Pali words to see the difference. I remember once I wrote the meaning of word Yakkha as demon. But later I realized my mistake that word demon is used for Asura which is a bad destination so I changed it. So let the person be given space & time in realizing own errors.

2. Secrecy: This I think is the greatest cause and it needs to be addressed immediately. Buddhism is a missionary religion and Lord Buddha always told the Theras to spread out in the entire world and teach it to all. Emperor Ashoka even sent it to Africa(Egypt/Alexandria), middle-east, Sri Lanka, far-east and even to Europe(Greece) as per his rock edicts. Had he not done done that, the path would not even existed at all now considering the turmoil & aftermath in its homeland India. The aim of Lord Buddha is to teach the path of liberation(Dhamma) to all. Even on his deathbed he was teaching the path & gave initiation to a common man. When Lord Buddha became enlightened, he was reluctant initially to teach, but when Brahma(archangel) requested him for the benefit of all humans & devas(angels), he decided to teach it freely to all. However it is seen that in present times the monks are reluctant to teach the higher knowledge. Whenever one approaches any monk he will only teach panchshila(5 moral precepts) & never any meditation and & higher states of meditation(jhana/samadhi). The 5 precepts are good and must be followed but a new follower remains oblivious to what to expect on the path. At any college, every student knows that at the end one will receive a degree after completing several courses. The higher knowledge such as in pages : Buddhism FAQ, Buddhism FAQ2 Trance States & Buddhism FAQ3 Magical powers are not taught to beginners and not even to initiates. But I think time is ripe now to not hold back anything and teach all that Dhamma has to offer. The only restriction which Lord Buddha has told is not to display any magical power to any common person, which I believe is because he was worried about schism (considering example of Devadutta who created division by gaining importance after displaying magical power to the son of then King), but Lord Buddha did not apply this rule to himself & did definitely displayed magical powers(abhinna) whenever situation required as in the case when he ascended to heaven in material body after displaying a mango seed to become a tree immediately. I also believe that magical powers should not be displayed to common people (because it may adversely affect the monk), however entire information about samadhi/Jhana states etc. can always be mentioned to all so that they know what to expect on the path & not to get surprised or shocked. I remember , initially after practicing meditation I started having some shocking experiences and interpreting it as danger , stopped practicing for few years, but had I been taught that these things are to be expected & how to face these, then I would not have wasted time and would have progressed better. Finally I say, teach everything to all, the serious persons will come back & will themselves make effort to achieve expected goals of the path.

3. Non-Violence : Another aspect is that Buddhism is based on non-violence. Hence its practitioners many times do not try to defend themselves using violence, knowing that compassion in mind at death leads to higher rebirth and anger , hatred, revenge etc. negative emotions at death will lead to downfall into lower rebirths into bad destinations. However non-violence is the right path to follow.

4. Violence, Anger & Revengefulness : Many new self styled Buddhists who are only Buddhists for namesake & little studied the pali word of Lord Buddha, did little meditation & never achieved any samadhi/Jhana state may get into these negative emotions & short temper which may lead to downfall of the entire path.

B.Some Ways to Save it[]

1. Make a copy of website : Entire Wikipitaka on Fandom can be saved using a free website copier software such as Httracks website copier. At present it requires about 10 GB storage which can be kept easily in a pendrive.

2. Different Media : Reliable media can be used to save the word of Lord Buddha. In earlier times many kings used stones to write & preserve it considering that stone can last for millions of years and have little value to thieves. In present times, new modern methods can be used for long term reliable storage, such as holographic optical storage whenever available, I would prefer laser etching on cheap but non-destructible media with no recyclable value.

3. Dispute Resolution : Different Buddhist sects should start a dispute resolution mechanism to evaluate errors & to harmonize , satisfy & settle differences without causing any hurt to any party.

4. Using Pali For Teacing : As in other other religions, it would be better if monks use numbered Pali worded quotes from Tipitaka & their meanings to common people. The original word is very powerful and so will create more faith among common people.

But the path will again be discovered everytime by the new Buddhas of future