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Buddhism FAQ[]

Frequently Asked Questions About Buddhism

Note: Ideas are presented after decades of study & experience in meditation. Links have been provided for the sources. If any error or disagreement with text is noticed, it can be discussed on the talk page with links to suttas in english as well as in Pali, before making any changes to FAQ. Holy Tipitaka in Pali language is already provided for reference.

1. What is Buddhism & What is Buddhist Awakening?

2. What is Enlightenment? What are the Trance States?

3. Are there any magical powers described in Buddhism?

4. What is the concept of Heaven in Buddhism?

5. Are there any maps for sites of Buddhism?

6. How to practice meditation?

7. What Buddha says about racism & caste?

8. Is there any Summary of Tipitaka available?

9. What Buddhism says about hell?

10. What Buddhism says about ghosts?

11. How is Buddhism related to Science?

12. How is rebirth explained in Buddhism?

13. What kind of sexual pleasure is allowed in Buddhism?

14. How do the monks find pleasure?

15. Is Buddhism totally Atheism; Is it against God?

16. Are there any predictions of future by Buddha?

17. What are the best practices for meditation?

18. How to find real happiness?

19. Where Buddha Speaks About His Own Life?

20. Why did Buddha abandon his wife & son, what happened to them?

21. What is the method to get rid of Demon Possession in Buddhism?

22. How the final objective Nirvana,Moksha,Jivan-Mukti described in Buddhism?

23. What is the Relationship of Buddhism with Other Religions?

24. What is the Place of Violence in Buddhism?

25. What is the Eightfold Path in Buddhism?

26. How to save Buddhism from vanishing?

27. How to Achieve Celibate Life?

28. Is there any Short Cut Method to Know Buddhism Quickly?

29. What is Sin & How to Live the Dhamma Life?

30. What Buddhism Says About Death?

31. So what is the meaning of life really?